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WildWeb has been at the forefront of professional website development for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on bespoke website creation with a high level of support. Quality and long term relationships are a high priority; short term cheap solutions are not the type of business to which we are suited. The WildWeb team has the resources to offer any level of development; our portfolio includes some of South Africa's top agencies and exclusive private safari lodges throughout southern Africa.

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Influencer Marketing Gains Momentum
Influencer Marketing Gains Momentum If only we had a megaphone to scream out the importance of this week’s blog topic, because the social media marketing world has thrown out some crazy statistics that need to be heard. Marketers rated influencer marketing as the fastest-growing online... read more

Community School Kids in Zambia Say Thank You
Community School Kids in Zambia Say Thank You It’s not every day that you receive an email that can make the gloomiest of days an instantly bright and cheery one. But every now and then, the mailbox notification pings on your computer, and the day has changed for the better. read more

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